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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday already

Well I know that you will not believe this but today I went to another funeral and saw another doctor .... LOL ..
Can you believe it? .
The funeral was for an older man that I knew since I first came to Windsor and it was in the catholic church. So a new hearing place for me to go ..what a difference ...everything in the church was distorted for me and I could understand nothing  ...they played the same songs as the other day but in that environment nothing but noise and uncomfortable sounds . I will not rush back there with the  CI turned on. 
Then I went a new dentist here in Hantsport. My dentist has retired so I decided to switch to a Dr close to home. Dr Hagell , what a nice guy and he has a beard but with the CI, I was able to talk with him ok ...had to ask him to repeat a few things but overall did just fine .. I walked over to his office and the wind was up and blowing in my ear and the sounds it made reminded me of when I had a hearing aid in my ear and the wind  would blow --- that is a first with this CI so another FIRST !! 
Tomorrow there are no plans so hopefully a quiet day in H town BUT you just never know ...
Have a good evening ....................

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